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you are no one to me
why cant you see
theres more to life than what you believe
you self centered fuck
the world around
wont be there to pick you up when you are down
all the lies you bleed
seep through your skin
sink down bellow
and dig yourself in
its time to see
who you truly are
you use and abuse and leave for the door

it wasnt clear to me
the person you'd be
i felt lost and pushed back
i couldnt seem to get free
bound to the floor
you dance on my grave
day by day only got worse for me

beaten and dead
ive been born again
you're a liar
who needs to see its end

how could you have done this to me
how could you have betrayed me
you took my trust and threw it away
you forced my hand and so i took a stand
stabbed in the back left to bleed
i wont lay down and die

i was dead
i was dead
i was dead
with all these thoughts in my head

i was dead
i was dead
i was dead
but ive been born again

i was dead
i was dead
i was dead
with all these thoughts in my head

i hate every word that comes from you mouth
you're ego couldnt get any higher
you speak in tounges, you fucking liar

ill watch you fall just like the rest
ill take these words and put them to the test


from Leech, released August 24, 2015
Ft. Matt Magnell



all rights reserved


Full Body Shot plymouth, Massachusetts

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